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common problem

  • askCauses of oil leakage of reducer and treatment methods

    answerThis fault will appear after the reducer has been running for a long time. Sometimes the newly installed reducer will run after a short period of time, and it is usually easy to appear at the junction of the input or output shaft and the reducer, and the observation window.Causes: (1) The coaxial precision of the reducer and the driving or driven device is low, which causes the oil seal and bearing to wear, thereby causing oil leakage. (2) The combined gasket and O-ring are damaged. (3) Loose joint surface bolts. (4) The lubricating oil is of poor quality and contains many impurities, which accelerates the wear of the oil seal. (5) There is too much lubricating oil, and excessive stirring heat is formed during operation, causing oil to leak through the oil seal.Treatment method: (1) Strengthen the training of technical personnel, ensure coaxiality during installation and debugging, and replace the skeleton oil seal for the worn oil seal. (2) Replace the gasket and O-type seal. (3) Tighten the bolts. (4) Drain the lubricating oil, and replace the high-quality lubricating oil and oil seal with gasoline as much as possible. (5) Refuel according to the manufacturer's oil standard, and avoid excessive oil.

  • askReasons for abnormal noise and vibration of reducer operation and treatment methods

    answerCauses: (1) The large gap between the reducer installation shaft and the bearing or gear and gear causes wear. (2) The chain is too tight during chain transmission. (3) The parts of the reducer are damaged. (4) The bearings at both ends of the transmission shaft are damaged or the shaft gap is too large. (5) The anchor bolts of the reducer and the connecting bolts of the reducer are loose (6) Poor lubricating oil (7) Other foreign objects fall into the reducer case, gear damage, Treatment method for stuck foreign matter: (1) Adjust and replace shafts, bearings and gears. (2) Adjust the tightness of the chain. (3) Disassemble for inspection and replacement. (4) Adjustment and update (5) Tighten bolts to increase lubricating oil (6) Replace lubricating oil (7) Remove foreign objects and clean the gear box.

  • askReasons for peeling, pitting, chipping and broken teeth of reducer gear teeth and treatment methods

    answerFor low-speed gears, the phenomenon of block and tooth broken is the most frequent. When the oil quality, oil volume, oil pressure, transmission load, etc. are normal, the output gear of the reducer has the lowest speed and the highest torque. The force is the largest, the diameter and unit weight of the gear are the largest, and the requirements for rough forging, machining, heat treatment, and installation are also the most difficult. If a certain process such as technology, control, and quality inspection is not strictly checked, it may cause the gear to fail A problem occurred during use.After the gears of the reducer are broken, the repair is difficult, costly, and has a long cycle, which has a great impact on the production of the factory.Causes: (1) Defects or excessively high harmful residual stresses may be caused by inclusions, micro-grinding cracks or partial fractures caused by improper heat treatment (2) Material inclusions and rough forging problems may be caused; (3) ) The quenching and carburizing process is not good, or other reasons cause the quality of the gear itself.Treatment method: Select the reducer produced by the regular manufacturer, and keep track of records, and contact the manufacturer for maintenance in time for such problems.To make the reducer run efficiently, it is necessary to have advanced technology as a guarantee. For specific faults, choosing a reasonable solution is the prerequisite for the safe and stable operation of the reducer.In the common faults of the reducer, there are a considerable part of human factors that can be avoided. To implement them well, you must: 1. Strengthen the training of technical personnel, enhance the technical level, and ensure the accuracy of installation and commissioning Sex. 2. Establish a lubrication maintenance system, select qualified lubricating oil, and strictly implement the oil change interval and oil injection standards, and do not exceed or owe. 3. Strengthen the inspection, strengthen the sense of responsibility, promptly find problems and deal with them in time, and prevent foreign objects from falling into the box when maintaining the reducer.During normal use, the warehouse should purchase gearbox spare parts at a ratio of 5:1. At the same time, prepare a plan for the gearbox that frequently fails. When the reducer fails, it can be replaced in time to ensure that the equipment is in the shortest Normal operation will resume within time.Then disassemble the reducer in the maintenance unit to observe and analyze it in detail to find out the fault situation. For the easily damaged parts such as: sealing ring, purchase a proper amount of spare parts and keep it; for the quality problem of the product itself, contact the manufacturer to identify the replacement or Maintenance; according to the above methods to deal with different failure situations.

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