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Causes of oil leakage of reducer and treatment methods

Author: Date: 2018-12-29 Source: Attention:

Causes of oil leakage of reducer and treatment methods

       This fault will appear after the reducer has been running for a long time. Sometimes the newly installed reducer will run after a short period of time, and it is usually easy to appear at the junction of the input or output shaft and the reducer, and the observation window.


(1) The coaxial precision of the reducer and the driving or driven device is low, which causes the oil seal and bearing to wear, thereby causing oil leakage.

(2) The combined gasket and O-ring are damaged.

(3) Loose joint surface bolts.

(4) Lubricating oil is of poor quality and contains many impurities, which accelerates the wear of oil seals.

(5) There is too much lubricating oil, and excessive mixing heat is formed during operation, causing oil to leak through the oil seal.


(1) Strengthen the training of technical personnel, ensure coaxiality during installation and debugging, and replace the skeleton oil seal for the worn oil seal.

(2) Replace the gasket and O-type seal.

(3) Tighten the bolts.

(4) Drain the lubricating oil, and replace the high-quality lubricating oil and oil seal with gasoline as much as possible.

(5) Refuel according to the manufacturer's oil standard, and avoid excessive oil.

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